Why do I need an attorney for an uncontested divorce hearing?

People sometimes wonder why they need representation at an uncontested divorce hearing. By that time, an agreement has been signed and all issues have been resolved between the parties. However, what people sometimes overlook is that the agreement will not be entered as a judgment of the court unless and until a judge has found it to be fair and reasonable under the particular circumstances of the case. Often, an agreement that appears unfair on its face, and therefore is vulnerable to rejection by a judge, could have been approved if an attorney, or preferably, attorneys for both parties, had been present in the courtroom to offer an adequate explanation. In addition, a judge is more likely to approve an agreement if she or he sees that the parties have been represented by competent counsel and received the benefit of that advice. No one wants to appear in court with an agreement that is rejected by a judge, with instructions to return with a revised agreement. The best way to present such a result is representation of by counsel.