Holiday Parenting Time

Holidays can be very difficult and stressful for families dealing with divorce or separation, whether the case is in process or already completed. Every parent wants to spend time with his or children during significant holidays, and sharing that time can present difficult, emotional issues. No one wants to be a visiting parent. The children will benefit if parents have been able to agree upon a parenting arrangement for the holidays, which may entail compromise from both parents. Do both parents’ families celebrate the same holidays? Do the families live close to each other, or are they on opposite sides of the country? If there are no orders in place that ensure time to each parent has time with the children, then one or both parents may want to consider negotiating holiday time, with the assistance of an attorney, or returning to court to obtain an order ensuring that time. Families with existing orders may find it appropriate to revisit and retool them as the children grow up. Planning ahead will ensure that there is time to address parenting time sufficiently in advance of the holiday.