Would mediation work for me?

Divorce mediation can minimize both the cost and level of acrimony in a divorce or post-divorce case if used properly. Another benefit is the ability to creatively draft an agreement that fits your needs. Are you and your spouse (or ex-spouse) on a level playing field? If so, meaning that neither of you is likely to use mediation as a tool to dominate the process, mediation could be for you. Ideally, your mediator will be an experienced attorney with mediation training. Also, mediation does not negate the need for each of you to have independent representation, if only to review the agreement resulting from mediation to ensure that your best interests have been served.

Can men recieve alimony?

Massachusetts has an Equal Rights Amendment so the law is gender neutral in the sense that requires the courts treat people equally without bias based on gender. This means that men, as well as w omen, can be eligible to receive alimony. Typically, alimony is paid by the primary provider for the family. This means that if the wife was the major income earner during the marriage, she could pay the husband alimony. However, many factors are considered when considering an alimony claim and it should be noted that alimony is not awarded automatically.

Can my spouse force me to leave the house?

The sheer fact that divorce is pending does not mean that either party can be forced to leave the marital home howevver, there are certain circumstances where …